Paper 13.195

T. Qingguo et al., "Line-Structure Laser Human Body 3D Scanner with High Resolution", in Proc. of 4th Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Long Beach CA, USA, 2013, pp. 195-202,


Line-Structure Laser Human Body 3D Scanner with High Resolution


Tian QINGGUO 1,2, Zhang XIANGYU 1,2, Li YUNPENG 1,2, Yang YUJIE 1,2, Wang JINJIANG 1,2, Ge BAOZHEN 1,2

1 School of Precision Instrument and Opto-Electronics Engineering, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China;
2 Key Laboratory of Opto-Electronics Information Technology of Ministry of Education, Tianjin, China


At present, digital human modeling (DHM) is a research hotspot due to it has wide applications. This paper develops a high resolution human body 3D scanner which conforms to triangulation principle and adopts line-structure light scanning mode. In accordance with modular design concept, the scanner can be divided into optical sensing and movement mechanism module, motion control and image capturing module, image processing and 3D reconstruction module. The scanner is composed of 4 pillars which create a square with the diagonal length 1644mm between optical sensors, and the pillar's height is 3050mm. the measurement volume is a cylinder with radius (in horizontal plane) R=500mm and height (vertical orientation) Hv=2000mm. there are 8 optical sensors totally in the scanner, and the typical resolution of each optical sensor is 0.7mm/pixel along x axis and 1.0mm/pixel along y axis. The scanning resolution can be changed from 2mm to 4mm, and the time used is from 20s to 10s correspondingly. The reprojection mean error displays calibration results is better than 0.35mm using a dynamic target designed with 2D electric translation stages and ceramic gauge block. The point cloud acquired from a real person shows that the scanner is high effective though some aspects should be improved later.


Digital Human Modeling; 3D scanner; triangulation principle; line-structure light scanning; modular design


Full paper: 13.195.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBST 2013, 19-20 Nov. 2013, Long Beach California, USA
Pages: 195-202

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