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5th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies
Lugano, Switzerland, 21-22 October 2014

ISBN 978-3-033-04763-1, doi:10.15221/14

Opening Session

N. D'Apuzzo
2014 Oct., p 9, abstract 14.009

TS 1: Medical Applications

FaceSCAN3D - Photorealistic 3D Images for Medical Applications
Stefan Karbacher, Klaus Veit
2014 Oct., pp 10-20, full paper 14.010

Visualization and Quantification of Female Breast Morphology During Breast Reconstruction
Audrey L. Cheong, Gregory P. Reece, Michelle C. Fingeret, Fatima Merchant
2014 Oct., pp 21-28, full paper 14.021

Multi-View 3D Data Fusion for Visualization of the Inframammary Fold in Women with Ptotic Breasts
Lijuan Zhao, Gregory P. Reece, Michelle C. Fingeret, Fatima Merchant
2014 Oct., pp 29-38, full paper 14.029

The Latest Applications of 4D in Medical Projects
Chris Lane
2014 Oct., p 39, abstract 14.039

Establishment of Reference Frame for Sequential Facial Biometrics
L. Zou, P. Hao, M. McCarthy
2014 Oct., pp 40-45, full paper 14.040

TS 2: Body Scanning for Apparel I

The Use of 3D Anthropometric Data for Morphotype Analysis to Improve Fit and Grading Techniques - The Results
Joris Cools, Alexandra De Raeve, Peter van Ransbeeck, Simona Vasile, Benjamin Vandersmissen, Mathias Vermeulen
2014 Oct., pp 46-54, full paper 14.046

The True Height of the Waist: Explorations of Automated Body Scanner Waist Definitions of the TC2 scanner
Simeon Gill, Christopher J. Parker, Steve Hayes, Kathryn Brownbridge, Paula Wren, Anastasiia Panchenko
2014 Oct., pp 55-65, full paper 14.055

Applicability of 3D Garment Prototyping in Assessment of Garment Fit
Agnieszka Cichocka, Sylwia Serwatka-Bober, Pascal Bruniaux, Paulina Podlas
2014 Oct., pp 66-72, full paper 14.066

Applications for 3D Virtual Sampling and Body-Scanning in Fashion Schools and Universities, Apparel Retailers, Brands and Manufacturers
Thierry Moncoutie
2014 Oct., p 73, abstract 14.073

A Flexible Multi-Platform 3D Virtual Product Configurator
Andrea Motta
2014 Oct., pp 74-75, abstract 14.074

TS 3: Ergonomics & Product Design

Latest Trends in Sport Equipment Realization - Case History Presentation
Emidio M. Cennerilli, Serena Santoro
2014 Oct., pp 76-83, full paper 14.076

Ergonomic Design and Evaluation of a Pilot Oxygen Mask for Korea Air Force Pilots
Wonsup Lee, Daehan Jung, Seikwon Park, Hee-Eun Kim, Heecheon You
2014 Oct., pp 84-92, full paper 14.084

Development of a Foot Sizing System for Malaysian Women
Shaliza Mohd Shariff, Yii Bonn Bong, Asma Ahmad Shariff, Makiko Kouchi, Kozo Kimura, Amir Feisal Merican, Omar bin Mohd Rijal, Norliza Mohd Noor
2014 Oct., pp 93-98, full paper 14.093

Individualisation of Multifunctional, Concealed Body Armour's Design - Acronym: SECRET
J. Blaszczyk, M. Fejdys, G. Grabowska, E. Maklewska, M. Struszczyk, D. Zielinska
2014 Oct., pp 99-101, full paper 14.099

TS 5: 3D Scanning in Medicine

Latest Trends in Prosthesis Application - Presentation of real case of Total Upper Rehabilitation
Emidio M. Cennerilli, Serena Santoro
2014 Oct., pp 102-114, full paper 14.102

Laser Based Spatial Spine Curve Determination in Scoliosis
Primoz Poredos, Dusan Celan, Janez Mozina, Matija Jezersek
2014 Oct., pp 115-123, full paper 14.115

Integrating a 3D Body Scanner into an Active Bariatric Surgery Clinic - Practical Experiences, History, Tips and Pitfalls
David B. Stefan, Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, David A. Gilbert
2014 Oct., pp 124-136, full paper 14.124

3D Scanning in Myofascial Dysfunction Detection
Wojciech Kurzydlo, Miroslawa M. Dlugosz
2014 Oct., pp 137-141, full paper 14.137

TS 6: Anthropometric Studies & Surveys

Data Processing and Analysis for the 2012 Canadian Forces3D Anthropometric Survey
Chang Shu, Pengcheng Xi, Allan Keefe, Monica Jones
2014 Oct., p 142, abstract 14.142

Establishing a Pre and Post-3D Bodyscanning Survey Process for Able-Bodied UK Women Aged 55 Years+ to Determine an Appropriate Waist Position for Garment Development
Paula Wren, Simeon Gill, Steven Hayes, Phoebe Apeagyei
2014 Oct., pp 143-154, full paper 14.143

The Body Shape of Brazilian Woman
Sergio F. Bastos, Flavio G. Sabra
2014 Oct., pp 155-167, full paper 14.155

Three-Dimensional (3D) Anthropometry Study of the Malaysian Population
Yii Bonn Bong, Amir F. Merican, Suhaila Azhar, Tahereh Mokhtari, Abdul Majid Mohamed, Asma A. Shariff
2014 Oct., pp 167-173, full paper 14.167

TS 7: 3D Scanning to 3D Printing

An Open Source, Low-Cost, Multi Camera Full-Body 3D Scanner
Richard Garsthagen
2014 Oct., pp 174-183, full paper 14.174

ReconstructMe - Towards a Full Autonomous Bust Generator
Christoph Kopf, Christoph Heindl, Martin Ankerl, Harald Bauer, Andreas Pichler
2014 Oct., pp 184-190, full paper 14.184

Scan to Print within 5 Minutes - 3D Figurine Production with VITRONIC's Body Scanner VITUS
Julian Martini
2014 Oct., p 191, abstract 14.191

A Low Cost 3D Scanning and Printing Tool for Clinical Use in the Casting and Manufacture of Custom Foot Orthoses
Colin E. Dombroski, Megan E.R. Balsdon, Adam Froats
2014 Oct., pp 192-195, full paper 14.192

TS 8: Body Scanning for Apparel II

Realistic Virtual System 'Female Body - Dress' Based on Scanning Technologies
V. Kuzmichev, MengNa Guo
2014 Oct., pp 196-204, full paper 14.196

3D Color Body Scanning for Improved Sample Fit and Accuracy in Garment Design
Andre West, Ashley Gabel
2014 Oct., pp 205-209, full paper 14.205

Evaluation of Change in Air Gap Underneath the Garment for Various Pro-Longed Body Postures Using 3D Body Scanning
Emel Mert, Agnes Psikuta, Marie-Ange Bueno, Rene M. Rossi
2014 Oct., pp 210-217, full paper 14.210

New 3D Scan-Method for Quantification of Discretion; Application to Body-Close Incontinence Protection
Anne Farbrot, Stefan Rosen, Erik Nykvist, Josefine Wihlborg
2014 Oct., pp 218-223, full paper 14.218

TS 9: Hand Held Scanning Systems

Hand-Held Body Scanning Concept Adds a New Dimension to the Process of 3D Image Capture
Michael Boylan, Albert Charpentier, Bob Kutnick, Kent Worsnop
2014 Oct., p 224, abstract 14.224

Measurement of Head-to-Trunk Orientation Using Handheld 3D Optical Apparatus
Urban Pavlovcic, Janez Diaci, Janez Mozina, Matija Jezersek
2014 Oct., pp 225-230, full paper 14.225

Handheld 3D Scanning System for In-Vivo Imaging of Skin Cancer
Miguel Ares, Santiago Royo, Meritxell Vilaseca, Jorge A. Herrera, Xana Delpueyo, Ferran Sanabria
2014 Oct., pp 231-236, full paper 14.231

TS 10: Body Scanning Assessment & Use

3D-Based Resources Fostering the Analysis, Use, and Exploitation of Available Body Anthropometric Data
Alfredo Ballester, Eduardo Parrilla, Jordi Uriel, Ana Pierola, Sandra Alemany, Beatriz Nacher, Jorge Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Gonzalez
2014 Oct., pp 237-247, full paper 14.237

Posture Dependency of 3D-Body Scanning Data for a Virtual Product Development Process in Apparel Industry
Michael Ernst, Ute Detering-Koll
2014 Oct., pp 248-258, full paper 14.248

Practical Considerations of Applying Body Scanning as a Teaching and Research Tool
Simeon Gill, Paula Wren, Kathryn Brownbridge, Steve Hayes, Anastasiia Panchenko
2014 Oct., pp 259-268, full paper 14.259

Perception vs Reality: 3D Body Image, Self-Esteem and Vanity Sizing
Marie-Eve Faust, Isabelle Lessard, Marie-Eve Blackburn
2014 Oct., pp 269-274, full paper 14.269

My_Healthy_Shape Guide: An interactive Educational-Health Tool for Malaysian Based on Body Shape
Hasfaliza Tumin, Asma Ahmad Shariff, Amir Feisal Merican
2014 Oct., pp 275-279, full paper 14.275

TS 11: Body Scanning for Sport & Health

Athletic Sizing Based on Performance
Ashley Gabel, Andre West
2014 Oct., pp 280-289, full paper 14.280

Kinanthropometry Applications of Depth Camera Based 3D Scanning Systems in Cycling: Repeatability and Agreement with Manual Methods
Alice Bullas, Simon Choppin, Ben Heller, Sean Clarkson, Jon Wheat
2014 Oct., pp 290-298, full paper 14.290

Theory and Practical Steps to Introducing a New 3D Public Health Indicator to Replace BMI Using Existing Population-Based Multidimensional Reference Measurement Sets
David B. Stefan, Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, David A. Gilbert
2014 Oct., pp 299-312, full paper 14.299

Body Mass Components in the Young Soccer Players in R. Macedonia
S. Nikolic, V. Maleska-Ivanovska, Lj. Efremovska, L. Todorovska, J. Pluncevic-Gligorovska, I. Karadgozova
2014 Oct., p 313, abstract 14.313

Analyze of Anthropometric Parameters of Soccer Players Aged 14 to 17 Years In R. Macedonia
V. Maleska-Ivanovska, Lj. Efremovska, J. Pluncevic-Gligorovska, L. Todorovska, S. Nikolic, I. Karadgozova
2014 Oct., p 314, abstract 14.314

Analysis of Body Mass Components in Young Basketball Players
Lj. Efremovska, S. Nikolic, V. Maleska-Ivanovska, J. Pluncevic-Gligorovska, L. Todorovska, I. Karagjozova, E. Ivanovska
2014 Oct., pp 315-320, full paper 14.315

TS 12: Body Modeling & Avatars

Obtaining Personal Figure Mannequin Using Two Photographs for Three-Dimensional Corsetry Design
Nadezhda Kornilova, Anna Gorelova, Dmitry Vasilyev
2014 Oct., pp 321-326, full paper 14.321

A Pose Invariant Statistical Shape Model for Human Bodies
Matteo Colaianni, Michael Zollhöfer, Jochen Süssmuth, Bettina Seider, Günther Greiner
2014 Oct., pp 327-336, full paper 14.327

Methodology for Transformation of Individual Scan Data into Realistic Animated Human Models
Christine Meixner, Sybille Krzywinski
2014 Oct., pp 337-346, full paper 14.337

Framework of Understanding Somatological Constructs Relative to the Fit of Apparel
Frederick S. Cottle, Pamela V. Ulrich, Karla P. Teel
2014 Oct., pp 347-356, full paper 14.347

A 3D Dynamic Database for Unconstrained Face Recognition
Taleb Alashkar, Boulbaba Ben Amor, Mohamed Daoudi, Stefano Berretti
2014 Oct., pp 357-364, full paper 14.357

TS 13: Scanning with Depth Cameras

A Low Cost and Easy to Use Setup for Foot Scanning
C. Lovato, E. Bissolo, N. Lanza, A. Stella, A. Giachetti
2014 Oct., pp 365-371, full paper 14.365

A Validation Study of a Kinect Based Body Imaging (KBI) Device System Based on ISO 20685:2010
Sara Braganca, Miguel Carvalho, Bugao Xu, Pedro Arezes, Susan Ashdown
2014 Oct., pp 372-377, full paper 14.372

3D Reconstruction of Body Parts Using RGB-D Sensors: Challenges from a Biomedical Perspective
Pedro Costa, Hooshiar Zolfagharnasab, Joao P. Monteiro, Jaime S. Cardoso, Helder P. Oliveira
2014 Oct., pp 378-389, full paper 14.378

Use of Kinect Tool to Measure the Physical Capabilities of Patients for Wolf Motor Function Test in Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Grenoble (CHU)
Amirmahdi Taheri, Julien Veytizou, Guillaume Thomann, Antoine Thuriot
2014 Oct., pp 390-398, full paper 14.390

TS 14: Body Scanning for Apparel III

3D Digital Technologies for Virtual Fitting of Garments in Tailor-Made Application
Eric R. Harvey, Jocelyn Bellemare, Denis Boulanger, Isabelle Lessard, Philippe Proulx
2014 Oct., pp 399-405, full paper 14.399

Virtual Fitting by Single-Shot Body Shape Estimation
Masahiro Sekine, Kaoru Sugita, Frank Perbet, Björn Stenger, Masashi Nishiyama
2014 Oct., pp 406-413, full paper 14.406

Anthropometric Study by Diagonising and Antagonizing the Feel Factor of 'Ideal Fabric' with 'Reference Fabric' for Frugal Engineering of Foundation Garments
K.V.P. Singh, A. Chatterjee, A. Das, Raul Fangueiro
2014 Oct., pp 414-421, full paper 14.414

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