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1st International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies
Lugano, Switzerland, 19-20 October 2010

ISBN 978-3-033-02714-5, doi:10.15221/10

Opening Session

Nicola D'Apuzzo
2010 Oct., p 9, abstract, 10.009

Relating Linear and Volumetric Variables through Body Scanning to Improve Human Interfaces in Space
Sarah Margerum, Mike Ferrer, Karen Young, Sudhakar Rajulu
2010 Oct., pp 10-22, full paper, 10.010

Technical Session 1: Medical Scanning Systems

Application of Stereo Photogrammetry in Medicine
Chris Lane
2010 Oct., p 23, abstract, 10.023

The Innovative 3D Spine Form Analysis and Parametrization of Scoliosis, Lordosis, Kyphosis and Malposition with TERGOSKOP
Lothar Paul, Heiko Tober, Günther Hegewald
2010 Oct., pp 24-32, full paper, 10.024

3D Digitizing Device Applied in Evaluation and Simulation of Postoperative Trunk Surface Shape in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Farida Cheriet, Li Song, Philippe Debanné, Olivier Dionne, Hubert Labelle
2010 Oct., pp 33-41, full paper, 10.033

Optical 3D in Vivo Skin Imaging for Topographical Quantitative Assessment of Cosmetic and Medical Treatments
S. Christian Benderoth, Rolf Hainich
2010 Oct., pp 42-51, full paper, 10.042

3D Face Measurement and Scanning Using Digital Close Range Photogrammetry: Evaluation of Different Solutions and Experimental Approaches
Luigi Maria Galantucci, Fulvio Lavecchia, Gianluca Percoco
2010 Oct., pp 52-58, full paper, 10.052

Technical Session 2: Body Scanning for Apparel I

Perfect Garment Fitting Using 3D Body Scanning
Ran Machtinger
2010 Oct., p 59, abstract, 10.059

The Solution of a Clothing Mass Customization Program
Jocelyn Bellemare
2010 Oct., pp 60-67, full paper, 10.060

Three Dimensional (3D) Body Scanner for Apparel Shoppers Would Make Commerce Easier
Marie-Eve Faust, Serge Carrier
2010 Oct., pp 68-76, full paper, 10.068

Made-to-Measure Garments in 3-D
Jochen Balzulat, Wolfgang Seebauer
2010 Oct., pp 77-81, full paper, 10.077

Technical Session 3: Medical Applications I

Three-Dimensional Surface Imaging - An Abjective Approach of Quality Assurance in Facial Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery?
Laszlo Kovacs, Fee Armbrecht, Stefan Raith, Alexander Volf, Nikolaos A. Papadopulos, Maximilian Eder
2010 Oct., pp 82-83, extended abstract, 10.082

Computer-Assisted Intuitive Breast Surgery Planning Using Three-Dimensional Surface Imaging
Laszlo Kovacs, Fee Armbrecht, Stefan Raith, Alexander Volf, Nikolaos A. Papadopulos, Maximilian Eder
2010 Oct., pp 84-85, extended abstract, 10.084

3D in Forensics: TIM Synthetic MRI and Virtobot - Forensic Workflow of the Future
Michael Thali
2010 Oct., p 86, abstract, 10.086

Optimization of Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Breast Region with 3-D Laser Scanners
Maximilian Eder, Fee Armbrecht, Stefan Raith, Alexander Volf, Alexander Zimmermann, Nikolaos A. Papadopulos, Laszlo Kovacs
2010 Oct., pp 87-88, extended abstract, 10.087

Technical Session 4: Body Scanning for Apparel II

Apparel: from Reality to Virtual Reality
Jean-Marc Surville
2010 Oct., pp 89-95, full paper, 10.089

Research in Body/Garment Relationships
Susan P. Ashdown, Catherine Devine, Paul D. Erickson
2010 Oct., pp 96-106, full paper, 10.096

Quantitative Analysis of the Air Gap between the Skin and the Clothing
Joanna Frackiewicz-Kaczmarek, Agnes Psikuta, Renè M. Rossi
2010 Oct., pp 107-112, full paper, 10.107

Quantitative Analysis of Breast Shapes
Rong Zheng, Winnie Yu, Jintu Fan
2010 Oct., pp 113-119, full paper, 10.113

Technical Session 5: Foot Scanning

ERTLRENZ | Experiences from Scaling Up a Shop-in-Shop System for Mass Customized High Performance Sports Shoes
Sven Renz, Dirk Rutschmann, René Pfeiffer, Florian Wild
2010 Oct., pp 120-125, full paper, 10.120

Recommendation System for Sizing of Children's Footwear
Tomaz Kolsek, Ales Jurca, Tina Vidic
2010 Oct., pp 126-131, full paper, 10.126

Design Criteria for Combat Boots Based on the Evaluation and Analysis of Human Factors
Laura Lucia Perez, Ana Maria Polanco, Alejandro Maranon
2010 Oct., pp 132-140, full paper, 10.132

Laser Based Three-Dimensional Measurement of Entire Foot Shape During Motion
Matija Jezersek, Janez Mozina
2010 Oct., pp 141-145, full paper, 10.141

Technical Session 6: Full Body Scanning

3-D Photonic Scanning for Health Research and Practice
Jonathan Wells, Tony Ruto, Lewis Griffin, Philip Treleaven
2010 Oct., p 146, abstract, 10.146

The Body Volume Index (BVI): Using 3D Scanners to Measure and Predict Obesity
Richard Barnes
2010 Oct., pp 147-157, full paper, 10.147

An Overview of 3D Body Scanning Applications in Thailand
Supiya Charoensiriwath, Chularat Tanprasert
2010 Oct., pp 158-165, full paper, 10.158

Mass Implementation of 3D Body Scanners for Human Body Measurement for Applications in Apparel, Fashion, Anthropometrics, Health, Fitness and Entertainment
David Bruner
2010 Oct., p 166, abstract, 10.166

Technical Session 7: Medical Applications II

3D Optical Body Scanning: Application to Forensic Medicine and to Maxillofacial Reconstruction
Gianluca Cavagnini, Giovanna Sansoni, Angelo Vertuan, Franco Docchio
2010 Oct., pp 167-178, full paper, 10.167

Breast Volume Measurements Using 3-D Surface Imaging: a Standardized Validation of the Introduced Method and a Comparison to Classical Approaches
Stefan Raith, Maximilian Eder, Fee Armbrecht, Alexander Volf, Laszlo Kovacs
2010 Oct., pp 179-180, extended abstract, 10.179

3D-Sensors for the All-Around Measurement of Teeth, Skin, Face, and Body
Gerd Häusler, Klaus Veit
2010 Oct., pp 181-183, full paper, 10.181

Objective 3-D Breast Symmetry Evaluation For Clinical Application Using Three-Dimensional Laser Light Surface Imaging
Fee Armbrecht, Maximilian Eder, Stefan Raith, Alexander Volf, A. Swobodnik, A.K. Pape, T. Schuster, Nikolaos. A. Papadopulos, H.-G. Machens, Laszlo Kovacs
2010 Oct., p 184, extended abstract, 10.184

Integrated 3D Body Scanner with Real-Time Compensation of Breathing Movement Artifacts
Paolo Patete, Marco Riboldi, Guido Baroni
2010 Oct., pp 185-190, full paper, 10.185

Technical Session 8: Body Scanning Systems

A Portable 3D Body Scanner
Hideto Kameshima, Yuji Nishio, Yukio Sato
2010 Oct., pp 191-196, full paper, 10.191

Optical Measurement of Preselected Individual Body Parameters, 3D Curves and Belt Position for Garment Manufacturing and Sales with BodyFit 3D
Lars Kunze, Niels Heuwold, Lothar Paul
2010 Oct., pp 197-205, full paper, 10.197

Challenges and Solutions in High Resolution Human Body Scanning
Aivaras Grauzinis
2010 Oct., p 206, abstract, 10.206

Body-ScanFit System
Leonardo Franceschi
2010 Oct., pp 207-211, full paper, 10.207

New Age Human Body Digitizing: Easy, Portable, Quick
Sergey Suhovey
2010 Oct., p 212, abstract, 10.212

Technical Session 9: Face Scanning

A Computer-Aided Technique for Planning Plastic Surgery Based on 3D Face Scans: Preliminary Results
Andrea Bottino, Matteo De Simone, Aldo Laurentini
2010 Oct., pp 213-221, full paper, 10.213

A Simple and Standardized Method for Analyzing Head and Face Morphology of a Population Sample
Yohann Kelkel, Matthieu Foissac, Laurent Baly
2010 Oct., pp 222-228, full paper, 10.222

An Open Platform for 3D Face Recognition Algorithms
Hassen Drira, Boulbaba Ben Amor, Mohamed Daoudi, Anuj Srivastava, Joseph Colineau
2010 Oct., pp 229-236, full paper, 10.229

Three-Dimensional Features for Facial Gestures Simulation
Javier Finat, Antonio Hurtado
2010 Oct., pp 237-248, full paper, 10.237

Technical Session 10: Digital Anthropometry

HOAXY Body Shapes and Fashion Formula
Jean-Marc Surville, Sonia Herichi
2010 Oct., pp 249-258, full paper, 10.249

3D Digital Anthropometry Using the BodySCAN
Christian Lovato, Chiara Milanese, Andrea Giachetti, Carlo Zancanaro
2010 Oct., pp 259-263, full paper, 10.259

An Introduction to BoSS-21 and a Framework to Build 3D Surface of Human Models Using Anthropometric Constrains
Shi Yin, Rachida Amjoun, Ali Avannaki
2010 Oct., pp 264-268, full paper, 10.264

iSize - Implementation of International Anthropometric Survey Results for Worldwide Sizing and Fit Optimization in the Apparel Industry
Anke Rissiek, Rainer Trieb
2010 Oct., pp 269-281, full paper, 10.269

Technical Session 11: Scanning Technologies

Scanner Killer Technology - One Scanner to Rule them All
Helmut Kungl
2010 Oct., p 282, abstract, 10.282

"Flying Triangulation" - Acquiring the 360 Topography of the Human Body on the Fly
Svenja Ettl, Oliver Arold, Florian Willomitzer, Zheng Yang, Gerd Häusler
2010 Oct., pp 283-288, full paper, 10.283

Photogrammetric 3D Body Scanner for Low Cost Textile Mass Customization
Gianluca Percoco, Luigi M. Galantucci
2010 Oct., pp 289-295, full paper, 10.289

Design of a Passive System for Human Body Reconstruction in the Fashion Industry
Gianfranco Forlani, Carla Nardinocchi, Riccardo Roncella
2010 Oct., pp 296-306, full paper, 10.296

Technical Session 12: Anthropometric Survey

Anthropometric Survey of the Spanish Female Population Aimed at the Apparel Industry
Sandra Alemany, Juan Carlos Gonzàlez, Beatriz Nàcher, Carol Soriano, Carlos Arnàiz, Àngeles Heras
2010 Oct., pp 307-315, full paper, 10.307

Analysis of 3D Body Scanning for Body Measurement Extraction Considering the Cultural Context
Arzu Vuruskan, Ender Bulgun
2010 Oct., pp 316-326, full paper, 10.316

UK National Sizing Survey - SizeUK
Jennifer Bougourd, Philip Treleaven
2010 Oct., pp 327-337, full paper, 10.327

DOROTHY Mass Foot Measurement Campaign
Ales Jurca, Tomaz Kolsek, Tina Vidic
2010 Oct., pp 338-344, full paper, 10.338

Technical Session 13: Processing of Scan Data

Geometrical Processing of 3D Body Scanner Data for Anthropometric Applications
Christian Lovato, Umberto Castellani, Carlo Zancanaro, Andrea Giachetti
2010 Oct., pp 345-352, full paper, 10.345

3D Modeling and Size Adaptation of Individual Human Body Avatars from Parametric Measurement Data for 3D Construction and Analysis Tasks
Viktoriya Kleban, Lothar Paul
2010 Oct., pp 353-360, full paper, 10.353

Touchless Detailed 3D Scan of Human Hand Anatomy Using Time-of-Flight Cameras
Jochen Penne, Martin Profittlich, Thorsten Ringbeck, Bernd Buxbaum
2010 Oct., pp 361-368, full paper, 10.361

An Examination of the Differences in the Angles Created in the Lower and Upper Extremities During Tennis Serves by Male and Female Players
Ayhan Goktepe, Hakan Karabork, Engin Kocaman
2010 Oct., pp 369-374, full paper, 10.369

Technical Session 14: Body Scanning for Apparel III

Commercialising Size Survey Data SizeUK - The UK National Size Survey
Andrew Crawford, Alexandre Kung
2010 Oct., pp 375-382, full paper, 10.375

Everything in 3D: Developing the Fashion Digital Studio
Philip Delamore, David Sweeney
2010 Oct., pp 383-394, full paper, 10.383

Apparel-Oriented Anthropometric Database of Colombian Military Personnel
David Montano, Ana Maria Polanco, Alejandro Maranon
2010 Oct., pp 395-403, full paper, 10.395

Anthropometrical Measurements for Three-Dimensional Clothing Design
Inga Dabolina, Ausma Vilumsone, Janis Dabolins
2010 Oct., pp 404-410, full paper, 10.404

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