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4th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies
Long Beach California, USA, 19-20 November 2013

ISBN 978-3-033-04300-8, doi:10.15221/13

Opening Session

N. D'Apuzzo
2013 Nov., p 10, abstract, 13.010

3D Body Scanning, Past and Future
K.M. Robinette
2013 Nov., p 11, abstract, 13.011

TS 1: Medical Scanning Systems

Breast Volume Calculation Using a Low-Cost Scanning System
S.B. Choppin, H. Probst, A. Goyal, S. Clarkson, J. Wheat
2013 Nov., pp 12-20, full paper, 13.012

Facial Overlay Analysis - Combined Repositioning and Computer Alignment
Richard C. Roth, Matthew DePauw
2013 Nov., pp 21-30, full paper, 13.021

A Two-Picture Acquisition System for 3D Geometry and Light Reflection Modeling of Faces for Cosmetic Applications
Hussam Yousef, Celine Loscos, Regis Huez, Michel Herbin
2013 Nov., pp 31-39, full paper, 13.031

The Potential for Dense Dynamic 4D Surface Capture - Illustrated with Actual Case Studies
Chris Lane
2013 Nov., p 40, abstract, 13.040

TS 2: Body Scanning for Apparel I

Effectiveness of 3D Scanning in Establishing Sideseam Placement for Pattern Design
Kathryn Brownbridge, Simeon Gill, Susan Ashdown
2013 Nov., pp 41-49, full paper, 13.041

Applied Body Scanning Technology for the Extreme Sports Apparel
Stacy Holt, Yoram Burg, Rick Elder
2013 Nov., pp 50-55, full paper, 13.050

3D Virtual-Try-On: The Avatar at Center Stage
Jean-Marc Surville, Thierry Moncoutie
2013 Nov., pp 56-61, full paper, 13.056

Fitting Simulation Evaluated on Self Body Scanned and Programmed Avatars
Shu-Hwa Lin, Rayneld Johnson, Ju-Young Kang, Didier Stricker, Yan Cui
2013 Nov., pp 62-66, full paper, 13.062

An Exploratory Study of Virtual Fit Testing Using 3D Virtual Fit Models and Garment Simulation Technology in Technical Design
MyungHee Sohn, Lushan Sun
2013 Nov., pp 67-75, full paper, 13.067

Use of 3D Body Scanner Data in Digital Tailoring
Pirjo Elbrecht
2013 Nov., pp 76-83, full paper, 13.076

TS 3: Medical Applications I

Virtobot - A Robot System for Optical 3D Scanning in Forensic Medicine
Robert Breitbeck, Wolfgang Ptacek, Lars Ebert, Martin Fürst, Gernot Kronreif, Michael Thali
2013 Nov., pp 84-91, full paper, 13.084

Does the "Rule of Nines" Apply to Morbidly Obese Burn Victims? A Post-Bariatric Surgery Longitudinal Follow-up to the Original Patient Data Set
Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, David B. Stefan
2013 Nov., pp 92-97, full paper, 13.092

Computation of Breast Ptosis from 3D Scans of Torso
Danni Li, Lijuan Zhao, Gregory P. Reece, Melissa A. Crosby, Michelle C. Fingeret, Fatima A. Merchant
2013 Nov., pp 98-106, full paper, 13.098

TS 4: Body Modeling & Avatars

Methodology for Construction of a T-Pose 3D Human Model
Eric Ennis, Christopher Hess, Isiah Davenport
2013 Nov., pp 107-116, full paper, 13.107

Parametric Modeling of the Human Body Using Kinect Measurements
Jorn Wijckmans, Dorien Van Deun, Koen Buys, Jos Vander Sloten, Herman Bruyninckx
2013 Nov., pp 117-126, full paper, 13.117

ShapeMate: A virtual Tape Measure
Alexandros Neophytou, Qizhi Yu, Adrian Hilton
2013 Nov., pp 127-133, full paper, 13.127
doi:10.15221/13.127 A Cloud-Based Service for Automatically Creating Highly Accurate Articulated 3D Models from Body Scans
Bill O'Farrell
2013 Nov., p 134, abstract, 13.134

TS 5: World Engineering Anthropometry Resource I

Sizing up Australia: The Next Step - Summary
Daisy Veitch, Chris Fitzgerald, Verna Blewett, Steve Ward, Chang Shu, Kathleen Robinette
2013 Nov., pp 135-143, full paper, 13.135

3D Scanning of Dutch Military - Secular Trends in PCA for 18,000 Soldiers
Frank B. ter Haar, Henk G.B. Reulink, Hein A.M. Daanen
2013 Nov., pp 144-150, full paper, 13.144

From 3-D Scans to Design Tools
Chang Shu, Pengcheng Xi, Stefanie Wuhrer
2013 Nov., pp 151-156, full paper, 13.151

3D Anthropometric Data Set of the Head and Face of Children Aged 0.5-6 Years for Design Applications
Lye Goto, Johan F.M. Molenbroek, Richard H.M. Goossens
2013 Nov., pp 157-165, full paper, 13.157

Web Based 3D Visualization and Interaction for Whole Body Laser Scans
Sandy Ressler, Kyle Leber
2013 Nov., pp 166-172, full paper, 13.166

From S-M-L-XL to Mass Customization. Case Study: External Ankle Sprain Protection with Exo-L
Johan F.M. Molenbroek, Marcel Fleuren, Gertjan Klein Rensink
2013 Nov., pp 173-181, full paper, 13.173

TS 6: Full Body Scanning Systems

New Traveling Type 3D Full Body Scanner
Kohei Ike, Masaki Hayashi, Hideto Kameshima, Yuji Nishio, Yukio Sato
2013 Nov., pp 182-183, extended abstract, 13.182

Essential Elements of 3D Body Scanning for Applications in Retail and Research
David Bruner
2013 Nov., pp 184-185, abstract, 13.184

Extreme Body Scanning - The Future of Very Accurate Body Reference Models - An Update on the Collaboration Between 3dMD and the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Chris Lane
2013 Nov., p 186, abstract 13.186

VITUS 3D Body Scanner
Markus Maurer
2013 Nov., pp 187-194, full paper, 13.187

TS 7: Body Scanning Systems & Technologies

Line-Structure Laser Human Body 3D Scanner with High Resolution
Tian Qingguo, Zhang Xiangyu, Li Yunpeng, Yang Yujie, Wang Jinjiang, Ge Baozhen
2013 Nov., pp 195-202, full paper, 13.195

Spread-Sheet Execution of Shape-from-Shading for Human Back Surface Measurement
Harvey Mitchell
2013 Nov., pp 203-210, full paper, 13.203

High Accuracy Passive Photogrammetry 3D Body Scanner
Antonio Perez, Ruben Muniz, Juan Luengo, Efren Vigil
2013 Nov., pp 211-218, full paper, 13.211

RECOVER3D: A Hybrid Multi-View System for 4D Reconstruction of Moving Actors
Laurent Lucas, Philippe Souchet, Muhannad Ismaël, Olivier Nocent, Cedric Niquin, Celine Loscos, Ludovic Blache, Stephanie Prevost, Yannick Remion
2013 Nov., pp 219-230, full paper, 13.219

TS 8: Anthropometric Studies & Surveys

Difference in Shape and Dimensions between Adult and Children Feet Based on 40.000 3D Scans
Damir Omrcen, Ales Jurca
2013 Nov., pp 231-237, full paper, 13.231

Comparison of European and Asian Morphology
James Webster, Jeremy Cornolo
2013 Nov., p 238-242, full paper, 13.238

SizeBR - The Brazilian Study on Anthropometric
Sergio Ferreira Bastos, Flavio Sabra, Rynaldo Rosa, Luis Felipe
2013 Nov., pp 243-257, full paper, 13.243

EUROFIT - Integration, Homogenisation and Extension of the Scope of Large 3D Anthropometric Data Pools for Product Development
Rainer Trieb, Alfredo Ballester, George Kartsounis, Sandra Alemany, Guido Hansen, Jordi Uriel, Mirco Sanguinetti, Michael van Genabith
2013 Nov., pp 258-271, full paper, 13.258

Size China 3D Anthropometric Survey
Roger Ball
2013 Nov., p 272, abstract, 13.272

TS 9: Medical Applications II

Automated Detection of Breast Contour in 3D Images of the Female Torso
Lijuan Zhao, Shishir K. Shah, Gregory P. Reece, Melissa A. Crosby, Michelle C. Fingeret, Fatima A. Merchant
2013 Nov., pp 273-278, full paper, 13.273

Towards a Case-Based Reasoning System for Predicting Aesthetic Outcomes of Breast Reconstruction
Juhun Lee, Clement S. Sun, Gregory P. Reece, Michelle C. Fingeret, Mia K. Markey
2013 Nov., pp 279-284, full paper, 13.279

Breast Augmentation Virtual Surgery using 3D Body Scanning - Bridging the Gap between Patient Expectations and Surgical Practicalities
David A. Gilbert, David B. Stefan
2013 Nov., pp 285-300, full paper, 13.285

TS 10: Body Scanning for Apparel III

Analysis of Lower Body Change in Active Body Positions of Varying Degrees
Ping Xiao, Susan P. Ashdown
2013 Nov., pp 301-309, full paper, 13.301

3D Product Development Based on Kinematic Human Models
Anja Leipner, Sybille Krzywinski
2013 Nov., pp 310-316, full paper, 13.310

Volumetric and Space Requirements of the Offshore Workforce: The Effects of Donning a Survival Suit
Robert J. Ledingham, Arthur D. Stewart
2013 Nov., pp 317-322, full paper, 13.317

Use of 3D Body Scanning Technique to Investigate an Effect of Garment Design on Heat and Mass Transfer in Clothing
Agnes Psikuta, Andrea Bohnet, Joanna Frackiewicz-Kaczmarek, Rene M. Rossi
2013 Nov., pp 323-326, full paper, 13.323

A Novel Approach for Fit Analysis of Protective Clothing Using Three-Dimensional Body Scanning
Yehu Lu, Guowen Song, Jun Li
2013 Nov., pp 327-334, full paper, 13.327

TS 11: Morphology Analysis & Measurement

Analysis of Morphological Variation of the Knee for Brace Development
James Webster, Jeremy Cornolo, Marine Menut, Katerina Kollias
2013 Nov., pp 335-339, full paper, 13.335

Complete Spacial Evaluation of the Preoperative Bariatric Patient - New Insights into Body Composition
Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, David B. Stefan
2013 Nov., pp 340-351, full paper, 13.340

3D Facial Analysis Software for Before and After Comparison
Masaki Hayashi, Kohei Ike, Yuji Nishio, Hideto Kameshima, Yukio Sato
2013 Nov., pp 352-354, extended abstract, 13.352

Reproducibility of Body Volume Assessments in Survival Clothing in Fixed and Portable Scanning Systems
Robert J. Ledingham, Alan M. Nevill, Arthur D. Stewart
2013 Nov., pp 355-359, full paper, 13.355

Advances in Anthropometric Accounting for Ear Digital Modeling
John A. Roebuck
2013 Nov., pp 360-371, full paper, 13.360

TS 12: Body Scanning for Apparel III

Exploring Consumer Perceptions Toward the Use of Me-Ality Body Scanner for Clothing Selection in U.S. Shopping Malls
Young-A Lee
2013 Nov., pp 372-378, full paper, 13.372

Scan-to-Pattern Clothing Systems: A Systematic Approach
Bruce Bradtmiller
2013 Nov., pp 379-383, full paper, 13.379

Analysis of Three Dimensional Torso Shape and Bodice Pattern of Elderly Japanese Women
Keiko Watanabe, Hiroko Takabu
2013 Nov., pp 384-391, full paper, 13.384

Findings of a Breast Assessment Service and Implications for Clothing
Graham Hutton, Samantha Tema, Martin Bayley
2013 Nov., pp 392-400, full paper, 13.392

Designing for Pregnant Women
Marie-Eve Faust
2013 Nov., pp 401-410, full paper, 13.401

TS 13: Kinect Based Scanning

Accurate 3D Face and Body Modeling from a Single Fixed Kinect
Ruizhe Wang, Matthias Hernandez, Jongmoo Choi, Gerard Medioni
2013 Nov., pp 411-416, full paper, 13.411

A Portable, Low-Cost 3D Body Scanning System
Christoph Kopf, Christoph Heindl, Martijn Rooker, Harald Bauer, Andreas Pichler
2013 Nov., pp 417-425, full paper, 13.417

Distortion Correction of Depth Data from Consumer Depth Cameras
Sean Clarkson, Jon Wheat, Ben Heller, James Webster, Simon Choppin
2013 Nov., pp 426-437, full paper, 13.426

Portable and Affordable Body Scanning in Made-to-Measure Apparel Using 3D Depth Sensors
Raj Sareen
2013 Nov., p 438, abstract, 13.438

TS 14: World Engineering Anthropometry Resource II

Anthropometric Dynamics of Pregnant Women and Their Implications on Apparel Sizing
Mahendran Balasubramanian, Adriana Petrova, Kathleen Robinette
2013 Nov., pp 439-443, full paper, 13.439

Development of the Sizing System for Clothing Based on Korean Anthropometry Data
Young-Suk Lee
2013 Nov., pp 444-455, full paper, 13.444

Exploitation of 3D Body Databases for the Apparel Industry
Sandra Alemany, Alfredo Ballester, Eduardo Parrilla, Jordi Uriel, Jorge Gonzàlez, Beatriz Nacher, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Alvaro Page
2013 Nov., pp 456-466, full paper, 13.456

Designing Footwear for Uniformed South African Females - A Practical Study
Karen Bredenkamp
2013 Nov., pp 467-475, full paper, 13.467

Functional Postures Assumed by Elderly People on Daily Activities - A Pilot Study for Interior Home Design
C.P. Guimaraes, F.C.H. Pastura, M.C.P. Zamberlan, G.L. Cid, D. Batista, P. Streit, M. Fraga, J. Oliveira, M.P. Ferreira, V. Santos
2013 Nov., pp 476-480, full paper, 13.476

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