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3th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies
Lugano, Switzerland, 16-17 October 2012

ISBN 978-3-033-03651-2, doi:10.15221/12

Opening Session

Nicola D'Apuzzo
2012 Oct., p 9, abstract, 12.009

From Scans to Avatars: Using Multi-Viewpoint, High Precision 3D Surface Imaging to Create Realistic Deformable Models of the Body
Chris Lane, Michael J. Black
2012 Oct., p 10, abstract, 12.010

Digital Convergence in IT and Fashion: i-Fashion
Chang Kyu Park
2012 Oct., pp 11-13, extended abstract, 12.011

3D Scanning of Military Free Fall Operators Using a Cluster of Microsoft Kinect Systems
Jeremy M. Carson, Samual J. Corner, Andrew M. Margules, Brian D. Corner, Kenneth J. Desabrais
2012 Oct., p 14, abstract, 12.014

Technical Session 1: Medical Applications I

Computer Assisted Optimization of Prosthetic Socket Design for the Lower Limb Amputees Using 3-D Scan
Fee von Waldenfels, Stefan Raith, Maximilian Eder, Alexander Volf, Jalil Jalali, Laszlo Kovacs
2012 Oct., pp 15-20, full paper, 12.015

3D In-Vivo Measurement of Skin Topography Using Photometric Stereo
Ali Sohaib, Abdul Farooq, Lyndon N. Smith, Melvyn L. Smith
2012 Oct., pp 21-29, full paper, 12.021

3D Skin Texture Analysis: A Neural Network and Photometric Stereo Perspective
Shahzad Anwar, Lyndon N. Smith, Melvyn L. Smith
2012 Oct., pp 30-40, full paper, 12.030

Technical Session 2: Body Scanning for Apparel I

Investigation into the Fit and the Distribution of Air Gaps of the Protective Jackets to Female Body Form
Nazia Nawaz, Olga Troynikov, Kate Kennedy
2012 Oct., pp 41-50, full paper, 12.041

Use of 3D Body Scanning Technique for Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling in Clothing
Agnes Psikuta, Joanna Frackiewicz-Kaczmarek, Rene M. Rossi
2012 Oct., pp 51-56, full paper, 12.051

3D Body Scanning for Examining Active Body Positions: A Pilot Study of Re-Designing Scrubs
Fatma Baytar, Jody Aultman, Jinhee Han
2012 Oct., pp 57-63, full paper, 12.057

Investigation on Body Shaping Garments Using 3D-Body Scanning Technology and 3D-Simulation Tools
Michael Ernst, Ute Detering-Koll, Dorothee Güntzel
2012 Oct., pp 64-73, full paper, 12.064

Technical Session 3: Medical Scanning Systems

Handheld 3D Measuring System Based on DSLR Camera
Urban Pavlovcic, Matija Jezersek, Jenez Mozina
2012 Oct., pp 74-80, full paper, 12.074

Device and Method for Precise Repositioning of Subjects for 3D Imaging of Head, Face, and Neck
Richard C. Roth, Matthew DePauw, Andrew Hepner
2012 Oct., pp 81-90, full paper, 12.081

Novel Photometric Stereo Based Pulmonary Function Testing
Jahanzeb Ahmad, Jiuai Sun, Lyndon Smith, Melvyn Smith, John Henderson, Anirban Majumdar
2012 Oct., pp 91-98, full paper, 12.091

Technical Session 4: Full Body Scanning

VITUS 3D Body Scanner
Markus Maurer
2012 Oct., pp 99-105, full paper, 12.099

Low-Cost Garment-Based 3D Body Scanner
Nicolò Biasi, Francesco Setti, Mattia Tavernini, Alberto Fornaser, Massimo Lunardelli, Mauro Da Lio, Mariolino De Cecco
2012 Oct., pp 106-114, full paper, 12.106

Research of 3D Body Models Computer Adjustment Based on Anthropometric Data Determined by Laser 3D Scanner
Slavenka Petrak, Maja Mahnic, Darko Ujevic
2012 Oct., pp 115-126, full paper, 12.115

Technical Session 5: Digital Anthropometry

Robust Automatic Labelling of Anatomical Landmarks on 3D Body Scans
Andrea Giachetti, Umberto Castellani, Christian Lovato, Carlo Zancanaro
2012 Oct., pp 127-132, full paper, 12.127

Three-Dimensional Analysis of Facial Asymmetry of Healthy Hispanic Children
Juhun Lee, Brian Ku, Adriana C. Da Silveira, Mia K. Markey
2012 Oct., pp 133-138, full paper, 12.133

Which Waist Girth? An Analysis Using 3D Scanning
Nathan Daniell, Tim Olds, Grant Tomkinson
2012 Oct., pp 139-140, abstract, 12.139

Collecting Large Scale Anthropometric Samples Around the World
Chris Lane
2012 Oct., p 141, abstract, 12.141

Technical Session 6: Body Scanning for Apparel II

Estimation of Fit in Calves for Supporting Internet Boot Sales
Damir Omrcen, Tina Vidic
2012 Oct., pp 142-147, full paper, 12.142

Development of Anthropometric Data Base from Scanned Bodies for Improving Pattern Block
Victor E. Kuzmichev, E. Kozlova, Jean-Loup Rennesson
2012 Oct., pp 148-150, full paper, 12.148

Technical Session 7: Body Scanning for Health & Sport

3D Virtual Images as a Motivational Tool for an Individual's Exercise and Diet
Young-A Lee
2012 Oct., p 151, abstract, 12.151

Volumetric Differences in Body Shape Among Adults with Different Body Mass Index Values: An Analysis Using 3D Body Scans
Nathan Daniell, Tim Olds, Grant Tomkinson
2012 Oct., p 152, abstract, 12.152

Calculating Body Segment Inertia Parameters from a Single Rapid Scan Using the Microsoft Kinect
Sean Clarkson, Simon Choppin, John Hart, Ben Heller, Jon Wheat
2012 Oct., pp 153-163, full paper, 12.153

Technical Session 8: Body Scanning Systems

A Full-Range of 3D Body Scanning Solutions
Jean-Loup Rennesson
2012 Oct., pp 164-170, full paper, 12.164

Technical Session 9: Medical Applications II

Breast Curvature of the Upper and Lower Breast Mound: 3D Analysis of Patients who Underwent Breast Reconstruction
Juhun Lee, Gregory P. Reece, Mia K. Markey
2012 Oct., pp 171-178, full paper, 12.171

Semi-Automated Registration of 3D Torso Images from Breast Reconstruction Surgery
Lijuan Zhao, Shishir K. Shah, Gregory P. Reece, Melissa A. Crosby, Elisabeth K. Beahm, Michelle C. Fingeret, Mia K. Markey, Fatima A. Merchant
2012 Oct., pp 179-188, full paper, 12.179

Breast Reconstruction Using Patients Own Tissue Based on CT Angiography and 3-D Surface Scanning
Jalil Jalali, Maximilian Eder, Stefan Raith, Alexander Volf, Fee von Waldenfels, Laszlo Kovacs
2012 Oct., pp 189-195, full paper, 12.189

Finite Element Simulation of the Deformation of the Female Breast Based on MRI Data and 3-D Surface Scanning: An In-Vivo Method to Assess Biomechanical Material Parameter Sets
Stefan Raith, Maximilian Eder, Fee von Waldenfels, Jalil Jalali, Alexander Volf, Laszlo Kovacs
2012 Oct., pp 196-203, full paper, 12.196

Technical Session 10: Body Scanning for Apparel III

The Return of Craft Designer (Pattern Maker) Re-Valued Through the New 3D Technologies
Jean-Marc Surville
2012 Oct., pp 204-210, full paper, 12.204

Fit Visualization and Simulation on Individual 3D Scanatars
Ulrich Botzenhardt
2012 Oct., pp 211-217, full paper, 12.211

Technical Session 11: Scanning Methods & Technologies

Simple Shape-from-shading for Human Surface Measurement
Harvey Mitchell
2012 Oct., pp 218-226, full paper, 12.218

Laser Based Real-Time Measurement of Thorax 3D Deformation with Motion Compensation
Klemen Povsic, Janez Mozina, Matija Jezersek
2012 Oct., pp 227-234, full paper, 12.227

Improving the Quality of Measurements through the Implementation of Customised Standards
Andy Robinson, Michael McCarthy, Stephen Brown, Anthony Evenden, Lifong Zou
2012 Oct., pp 235-246, full paper, 12.235

A Single-Shot and Real-Time 3D Imaging Technique for Facial Motion Capture Based on Triple-Frequency Color Fringe Projection
Xiang Zhou, Tao Yang, Zhuangqun Yang, Hong Zhao, Aadrian G. Podoleanu
2012 Oct., pp 247-256, full paper, 12.247

Technical Session 12: Anthropometric Studies & Surveys

Iplementation and Analysis of Size Korea Projects using 3D Body Scanning Systems
Chang Kyu Park
2012 Oct., pp 257-260, full paper, 12.257

SizeITALY - The Actual Italian Measurement Survey
Peter V. Stampfli, Anke Rissiek, Rainer Trieb, Andreas Seidl
2012 Oct., pp 261-268, full paper, 12.261

Australian Apparel Anthropometric 3D Database (AAA3D): A Collaborative Approach
Kate Kennedy, Jo Kellock, Olga Troynikov
2012 Oct., pp 269-279, full paper, 12.269

Comparison of Female Shape Analysis Methods for the Development of a New Sizing System
James M. Webster, Jérémy Cornolo, Yohann Kelkel
2012 Oct., pp 280-287, full paper, 12.280

3D Hand Measuring with a Mobile Scanning System
Anke Klepser, Michael Babin, Christine Loercher, Elfriede Kirchdoerfer, Jan Beringer, Andreas Schmidt
2012 Oct., pp 288-294, full paper, 12.288

Technical Session 13: Kinect Body Scanning

3D Scanning with Multiple Depth Sensors
J. Kilner, A. Neophytou, A. Hilton
2012 Oct., pp 295-301, full paper, 12.295

Exploratory Analysis of College Student's Satisfaction of Body Scanning with Kinect
Shu-Hwa Lin, Rayneld Johnson, Didier Stricker, Yan Cui
2012 Oct., pp 302-306, full paper, 12.302

Calibration-less Anthropometric Scanner Using GPU's
Mario A. Gazziro, Pedro Scotton, Heitor Bittencourt, Andre Osti
2012 Oct., pp 307-310, full paper, 12.307

Microsoft Kinect for THz Sensor Management
Philip Engström, Maria Axelsson, Mikael Karlsson
2012 Oct., pp 311-319, full paper, 12.311

Technical Session 14: Body Scanning for Apparel IV

Revolutionising the Garment Industry in Thailand
Supiya Charoensiriwath
2012 Oct., pp 320-325, full paper, 12.320

The Body-ScanFIT System: The Importance of Population's Classification into Morphological Families and of Anthropometric Mannequins in Apparel and Ergonomics
Gianni Sereni, Leonardo Franceschi
2012 Oct., pp 326-334, full paper, 12.326

Identification of Textile Materials Properties in "Body-Clothes" Scanned Systems
Iulia S. Zvereva, Victor E. Kuzmichev, Dominique C. Adolphe, L. Schacher
2012 Oct., pp 335-342, full paper, 12.335

Development of Pattern Block Shaping in Accordance with the Real Sleeve-in Shapes
Nadejzda Kochanova, Victor Kuzmichev, Dominique C. Adolphe
2012 Oct., pp 343-347, full paper, 12.343

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