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1st Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies
Tokyo, Japan, 17-18 April 2012


Opening Session

Nicola D'Apuzzo
2012 Apr., p 6, abstract, A12.006

Technical Session 1: Full Body Scanning Systems

KX-16: 3D Body Scanning Using Low Cost Depth Sensors
David Bruner
2012 Apr., pp 7-8, extended abstract, A12.007

VITUS 3D Body Scanner
Markus Maurer
2012 Apr., pp 9-15, full paper, A12.009

A Portable 3D Body Scanner and its Application
Hideto Kameshima, Masaki Hayashi, Yuji Nishio, Yukio Sato
2012 Apr., pp 16-18, full paper, A12.016

The Ubiquity of Scanning Technologies
Robert Kutnick
2012 Apr., pp 19-20, abstract, A12.019

Technical Session 2: Body Scanning for Medicine and Health

Applications of 3D Body Scanning Technology to Human Anthropometry: Body Surface Area and Body Volume Measurements in the Fields of Health and Sports Sciences
Kazuo Funato, Noriko Hakamada, Hidehiko Nagashima, Chiyoharu Horiguchi
2012 Apr., pp 21-28, full paper, A12.021

Using 1D and 3D Anthropometric Data to Develop a Biofidelic Breast Cancer Patient Simulator
Daisy Veitch, Rachel Dawson, Harry Owen, Chris Leigh
2012 Apr., pp 29-36, full paper, A12.029

Analysis of 3D Foot Shape Features in Elderly with Hallux Valgus Using Multi-Dimensional Scaling Method
SungHyek Kim
2012 Apr., pp 37-43, full paper, A12.037

Technical Session 3: Body Scanning Systems and Technologies

3D Foot Scanning System INFOOT - Automated Anatomical Landmark Detection and Labeling
Kozo Kimura, Tsuneaki Utsumi, Makiko Kouchi, Masaaki Mochimaru
2012 Apr., pp 44-46, full paper, A12.044

Human Body Measurement by Digital Photogrammetry System
Nobuo Kochi, Kazuo Kitamura, Hiroto Watanabe, Takayuki Noma, Mitsuharu Yamada
2012 Apr., pp 47-53, full paper, A12.047

Real-Time 3D Body Scanning
Minoru Niimura, Matthew W. Bellis, Daniel L. Lau
2012 Apr., pp 54-59, full paper, A12.054

Development of Low Cost Foot Scanner Using Foot Model
Ameersing Luximon, Zhang YiFan, Ma Xiao, Yan Luximon
2012 Apr., pp 60-63, full paper, A12.060

Technical Session 4: Processing of Body Scan Data

Estimation of Center of Gravity Obtained from 3D Whole Body Scanning Anthropometry Method
Noriko Hakamada, Kazuo Funato
2012 Apr., pp 64-70, full paper, A12.064

Shape Map Method for 3D Body Scanning Information Storage
Peng Sixiang, Chan Chee-Kooi, Ameersing Luximon, W.H. Ip
2012 Apr., pp 71-76, full paper, A12.071

Rules Research of Neck Curves for 3D Female Body Mannequin
Junqiang Su, Bingfei Gu, Guolian Liu
2012 Apr., pp 77-81, full paper, A12.077

Using Body Scan Technology (Computer-Aided Anthropometry) to Measure Breast Volume
Daisy Veitch, Karen Burford, Phil Dench, Nicola Dean, Philip Griffin
2012 Apr., pp 82-90, full paper, A12.082

Three Dimensional (3D) Head Data Classification Based on a Local Shape Feature Description
X.H. Zheng, J.W. Niu, S.T. Ding, Q.X. Zhou
2012 Apr., pp 91-96, full paper, A12.091

Technical Session 5: Human Body Sizing Surveys

National Anthropometric Surveys in China
Taijie Liu, Chuzhi Chao, Chaoyi Zhao, Rechard Zhao
2012 Apr., pp 97-100, full paper, A12.097

Anthropometric Study on Chinese Head
Roger MacLaren Ball, Yan Luximon, Ho Chi Eric Chow
2012 Apr., pp 101-105, full paper, A12.101

3D Size Survey - Process Chain and Available Products
Anton Preiss, Ulrich Botzenhardt
2012 Apr., pp 106-114, full paper, A12.106

SIZE INDIA: India's first 3-D Whole Body Scanning Survey - Experiences & Future Scope
Dileep D. Kulkarni, C.V. Ghaisas, A.V. Mannikar
2012 Apr., p 115, abstract, A12.115

Technical Session 6: Body Scanning for Apparel

Analysis of Three Dimensional Torso Shape and Bodice Pattern Shape of Young Japanese Women
Keiko Watanabe
2012 Apr., pp 116-122, full paper, A12.116

Waist Measurements Compared: Definitions (ISO vs CAESAR) and Instruments (Manual vs 3D Scanned Data)
Daisy Veitch
2012 Apr., pp 123-131, full paper, A12.123

In Pursuit of the IDEAL Fit
Joanna Gould-Thorpe
2012 Apr., pp 132-133, extended abstract, A12.132

Made-to-Measure Jeans
Pirjo Elbrecht
2012 Apr., pp 134-138, full paper, A12.134

Technical Session 7: Digital Anthropometry

A Protocol for Evaluating the Accuracy of 3D Body Scanners - Landmark Locations and Surface Shape
Makiko Kouchi, Masaaki Mochimaru, Bruce Bradtmiller, Hein Daanen, Peng Li, Beatriz Nacher, Yunja Nam
2012 Apr., pp 139-146, full paper, A12.139

Automatic Measurement of Dimensions of 3D Foot Scan Data
Jinkyou Son, Seung-Yeob Baek, Kunwoo Lee
2012 Apr., pp 147-154, full paper, A12.147

Web-Based Human Body Modeling by Restricted Number of Anthropometric Data
Igor Goncharenko, Heihachi Ueki, Katsuaki Takashiba, Masaaki Mochimaru, Makiko Kouchi, Satoko Usui, Masakazu Odahara
2012 Apr., pp 155-164, full paper, A12.155

Digital Human Modeling for Indian Anthropometry
Abira Dasgupta, Bharat Vijayaraghavan, N.R. Rajhans, Dileep Kulkarni, A.V. Mannikar
2012 Apr., pp 165-171, full paper, A12.165

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