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2nd International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies
Lugano, Switzerland, 25-26 October 2011

ISBN 978-3-033-03134-0, doi:10.15221/11

Opening Session

Nicola D'Apuzzo
2011 Oct., p 8, abstract, 11.008

Technical Session 1: Medical Scanning Systems I

Deploying Reconfigurable 3D Scanning for Complex Anatomical Measurements
Chris Lane
2011 Oct., p 9, abstract, 11.009

Laser Triangulation System for the Measurement of Volume and Color of Wounds
Urban Pavlovcic, Matija Jezersek, Janez Mozina
2011 Oct., pp 10-15, full paper, 11.010

Development of a BCCT Quantitative 3D Evaluation System through Low-Cost Solutions
Hélder P. Oliveira, Paolo Patete, Guido Baroni, Jaime S. Cardoso
2011 Oct., pp 16-27, full paper, 11.016

Technical Session 2: Body Scanning for Apparel I

Comparability between Simulation and Reality in Apparel: A Practical Project Approach from 3D-Body Scan to Individual Avatars and from 3D-Simulation in Vidya to Fitted Garments
Michael Ernst, Anke Rissiek
2011 Oct., pp 28-42, full paper, 11.028

Development of 3D Virtual Models and 3D Construction Methods for Garments
Ei C. Hlaing, Sybille Krzywinski, Hartmut Roedel
2011 Oct., pp 43-51, full paper, 11.043

The Use of 3D Anthropometric Data for Morphotype Analysis to Improve Fit and Grading Techniques
Alexandra De Raeve, Joris Cools, Hans Bossaer
2011 Oct., pp 52-57, full paper, 11.052

An Analysis of Digital 3D Body Imaging Technology
Shu-Hwa Lin, Kelly Mammel
2011 Oct., pp 58-65, full paper, 11.058

3D Body Scanning Technology for Virtual Design of System "Body-Clothes"
Victor E. Kuzmichev, Natalia A. Saharova, Gregory I. Chistoborodov
2011 Oct., pp 66-75, full paper, 11.066

Technical Session 3: Digital Anthropometry I

Evaluating the Automated Alignment of 3D Human Body Scans
David A. Hirshberg, Matthew Loper, Eric Rachlin, Aggeliki Tsoli, Alexander Weiss, Brian Corner, Michael J. Black
2011 Oct., pp 76-86, full paper, 11.076

Health-Related Shape Analysis of 3D Body Scanner Data
C. Lovato, C. Milanese, F. Piscitelli, C. Zancanaro, A. Giachetti
2011 Oct., pp 87-94, full paper, 11.087

Selecting Intrinsic Landmarks in Range Scans
John L. Camp, Ardeshir Goshtasby
2011 Oct., pp 95-103, full paper, 11.095

Applying a 3D Body Scanner to Qualify the Postures and Direction of Changes in Human Body by Children Example
Wioletta Sybilska, Elzbieta Mielicka
2011 Oct., pp 104-112, full paper, 11.104

3D Anthropometry and Physical Interaction Modeling for Persons with Arthritis
David J. Feathers
2011 Oct., p 113, abstract, 11.113

Technical Session 4: Scanning Technologies

Digitizing Entire Populations of Consumers for Smartphone Applications
David Bruner
2011 Oct., pp 114-115, extended abstract, 11.114

3D Body Measurements Using Active Millimeter Wave Technology
M.F. Karim, B. Luo, A.R. Leyman, I.R. Khan, K.W. Seah, L.C. Ong
2011 Oct., pp 116-120, full paper, 11.116

3D Body Scanning With One Kinect
Yan Cui, Didier Stricker
2011 Oct., pp 121-129, full paper, 11.121

Body Trunk Shape Estimation from Silhouettes by Using Homologous Human Body Model
Shunta Saito, Makiko Kouchi, Masaaki Mochimaru, Yoshimitsu Aoki
2011 Oct., pp 130-137, full paper, 11.130

Technical Session 5: Medical Applications

Real Time Optical Patient Surface Motion Monitoring During Radiotherapy
Gareth Price, James Parkhurst, Phil Sharrock, Chris Moore
2011 Oct., pp 138-144, full paper, 11.138

The Application of the Recent Advances in Stereophotogrammetry for the Diagnosis and Management of Oro-Facial Deformities
Balvinder S. Khambay, Xiangyang Ju, Thamer Al-Anezi, Ashraf Ayoub
2011 Oct., pp 145-148, full paper, 11.145

Criterion Validity of Whole Body Surface Area Equations: A Comparison Using 3D Scanning
Nathan D. Daniell, Tim Olds, Grant Tomkinson
2011 Oct., pp 149, abstract, 11.149

Technical Session 6: Body Scanning for Apparel II

3D Body Scanning - Utilization of 3D Body Data for Garment and Footwear Design
Elfriede Kirchdoerfer, Angela Mahr-Erhardt, Simone Morlock
2011 Oct., pp 150-157, full paper, 11.150

Shoe Size Recommendation System Based on Shoe Inner Dimension Measurement
Damir Omrcen, Ales Jurca
2011 Oct., pp 158-163, full paper, 11.158

Automated Generation of Human Models from Scan Data in Anatomically Correct Postures for Rapid Development of Close-Fitting, Functional Garments
Christine Meixner, Sybille Krzywinski
2011 Oct., pp 164-173, full paper, 11.164

Comparative Analysis between 3D Visual Fit and Wearers' Subjective Acceptability
Young-A Lee, Sun-Mi Park
2011 Oct., pp 174-184, full paper, 11.174

Technical Session 7: Human Body Scanning

Wonder and the Digital Double
Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz, Anneke Pettican
2011 Oct., pp 185-196, full paper, 11.185

Pattern-based Face Localization and Online Projector Parameterization for Multi-Camera 3D Scanning
Karima Ouji, Mohsen Ardabilian, Liming Chen, Faouzi Ghorbel
2011 Oct., pp 197-204, full paper, 11.197

Real-Time 3D Content Creation of 3D Human Body Using a Handheld 3D Imager and/or Syncronized Sensors Platform
Shabtay Negry
2011 Oct., p 205, abstract, 11.205

Technical Session 8: Garment Draping Simulation

An Online Fitting Simulation System of a Garment Using 3D Body Data
Ran Choi, Chank-Suk Cho
2011 Oct., pp 206-212, full paper, 11.206

Integrating 3D Scanning Data & Textile Parameters into Virtual Clothing
E. Jess Power, Phoebe R. Apeagyei, Aileen M. Jefferson
2011 Oct., pp 213-224, full paper, 11.213

Posture, 3D Real Body, Virtual Try-On: Toward Fashion
Jean-Marc Surville
2011 Oct., pp 225-233, full paper, 11.225

The Application of Three-Dimensional (3-D) Body Scanner in Fabric Drape Assessment
Tannie Mah, Guowen Song
2011 Oct., pp 234-238, full paper, 11.234

Technical Session 9: Applications in Health and Sport

3D Body Scanning Method for Close- Fitting Garments in Sport and Medical Applications
Olga Troynikov, Elnaz Ashayeri
2011 Oct., pp 239-248, full paper, 11.239

Body Fat Percentage Extracted from 3-D Scans for Sports & Medical Science
Jochen Balzulat, Ulrich Botzenhardt, Norbert Bachl, Aranol Baca, Mario Heller
2011 Oct., pp 249-254, full paper, 11.249

The Effects of Short-Term Exercise on Anthropometric Measurements
Tanya Domina, Patrick Kinnicutt
2011 Oct., pp 255-261, full paper, 11.255

Defining Area Mass Index (AMI) Using 3D Body Scanning as an Improvement of BMI
Elmar H. Schlich, Michaela Schlich
2011 Oct., pp 262-269, full paper, 11.262

Shape Completion and Modeling of 3D Foot Shape While Walking Using Homologous Model Fitting
Yuji Yoshida, Shunta Saito, Yoshimitsu Aoki, Makiko Kouchi, Masaaki Mochimaru
2011 Oct., pp 270-276, full paper, 11.270

Technical Session 10: Body Scanning Systems

VITUS 3D Body Scanner
Markus Maurer
2011 Oct., pp 277-283, full paper, 11.277

A Portable and Compact 3D Body Scanner - 3D Body Scanners Traveling Type
Masaki Hayashi, Hideto Kameshima, Yuji Nishio, Yukio Sato
2011 Oct., pp 284-285, extended abstract, 11.284

New Generation of 3D Body Scanning Technologies - New Possibilities for Fashion and Marketing
Jean-Loup Rennesson
2011 Oct., pp 286-294, full paper, 11.286

Technical Session 11: Medical Scanning Systems II

Breathing Training with Assistance of Laser 3D Measuring System
Klemen Povsic, Matjaz Flezar, Janez Mozina, Matija Jezersek
2011 Oct., pp 295-302, full paper, 11.295

Validation of a High-Resolution 3D Face Scanner Based on Stereophotogrammetry
L.M. Galantucci, F. Lavecchia, G. Percoco, S. Raspatelli
2011 Oct., pp 303-313, full paper, 11.303

3D Electromagnetic Tomography: Technology for Simultaneous Body Scanning and Biomedical Imaging
Serguei Semenov
2011 Oct., p 314, abstract, 11.314

Technical Session 12: Digital Anthropometry II

3D Measurement of Children - Shape GB - The UK National Childrenswear Survey
Richard Barnes
2011 Oct., pp 315-319, full paper, 11.315

Group Classes and Measurements: Towards Made to Measure
Jean-Marc Surville
2011 Oct., pp 320-327, full paper, 11.320

Body-ScanFit System: Identifying Body Shapes. An Anthropometric Survey Carried Out in 2010 by CME
Giuseppe Figlié, Leonardo Franceschi
2011 Oct., pp 328-337, full paper, 11.328

Data Compatibility Analysis of 3D Body Scanning
Arzu Vuruskan, Bettina Seider, Ute Detering-Koll
2011 Oct., pp 338-348, full paper, 11.338

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