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D. D. Kulkarni et al., "SIZE INDIA: India's first 3-D Whole Body Scanning Survey - Experiences & Future Scope", in Proc. of 1st Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Tokyo, Japan, 2012, p. 115.


SIZE INDIA: India's first 3-D Whole Body Scanning Survey - Experiences & Future Scope



The Automotive Research Association of India, Pune, India


Anthropometric data of a population is a very vital database as there are many applications and domains for which such information is a primary requirement. Anthropometric data collection in India has a considerable history with very renowned institutes being part of it. Indian Statistical Institute, Anthropological Survey of India, Defense Institute of Physiological and Advanced Studies, National Institute of Design and National Institute of Fashion Technology are a few to name.
In recent times, The Automotive Research Association of India has taken a lead in the collection of such a database for Indian driving population. The need for such a database is has arisen on account of exponential growth of automotive industry. To meet this objective, ARAI planned a nationwide survey for collection of anthropometric data using the latest 3-D Whole Body Scanner technology. The survey was planned on similar lines of SAE's CAESAR survey and was conducted between Dec-2010 to Mar-2011. In this survey, data of about 6000 volunteers between 18-70 years of age has been collected from various parts of India.
The survey, being the first with 3-D Whole Body Scanner technology has yielded mixed results and some interesting experiences of planning & conducting such programs in future. This paper discusses the key results, unique features of this survey and discusses the future scope and potential for such surveys in India.


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Proceedings: 3DBST A2012, 17-18 Apr. 2012, Tokyo, Japan
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