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A. Preiss and U. Botzenhardt, "3D Size Survey - Process Chain and Available Products", in Proc. of 1st Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Tokyo, Japan, 2012, pp. 106-114,


Size Survey - Process Chain and Available Products



Human Solutions GmbH, Kaiserslautern, Germany


Nowadays, size surveys is a point of discussion, planning and realisation in many countries. They can be also a topic for companies as well for armies. Traditionally size surveys were mainly conducted to acquire body measurements of the population. Since 3D body scanning is available the potential on size surveys have been remarkably raised. The automatically generated statistical analysis is now based on the pre-filtered information of the population, optimisation of garment's body measurement charts, individual and statistical avatars, physical mannequins and so on.
Taking size surveys is much more than just acquiring body measurements. Today a certain amount of demographic information is stored per person to filter for specific measurement tables. Body dimensions are taken by many people in parallel based on body scans acquired at different locations. Individual analysis should be provided for the big variety of interested customers such as armies, companies and all others that can take benefit of it. To keep all the customers and the people taking the survey satisfied, an efficient infrastructure and a certain amount of specialised tools is necessary. Due to size surveys such as SizeGERMANY, a good existing infrastructure and helpful tools are already available and ready for action right now.


size survey, 3D body scanning, scanatar, body measurement chart


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Proceedings: 3DBST A2012, 17-18 Apr. 2012, Tokyo, Japan
Pages: 106-114

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