Paper A12.082

D. Veitch et al., "Using Body Scan Technology (Computer-Aided Anthropometry) to Measure Breast Volume", in Proc. of 1st Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Tokyo, Japan, 2012, pp. 82-90,


Using Body Scan Technology (Computer-Aided Anthropometry) to Measure Breast Volume


Daisy VEITCH 1, Karen BURFORD 2, Phil DENCH 3, Nicola DEAN 2, Philip GRIFFIN 2

1 SHARP Dummies Pty Ltd, Belair (SA), Australia;
2 Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford Park (SA), Australia;
3 headus (metamorphosis) Pty Ltd, Osborne Park (WA), Australia


Assessment of breast volume is an important tool for preoperative planning in various breast surgeries and other applications, such as bra development. Accurate assessment can improve the consistency and quality of surgery outcomes. This study outlines a non-invasive method to measure breast volume using a whole body 3D laser surface anatomy scanner, the Cyberware WBX. It expands on a previous publication where this method was validated against patients undergoing mastectomy. It specifically outlines and expands the computer-aided anthropometric (CAA) method for extracting breast volumes in a non-invasive way from patients enrolled in a breast reduction study at Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia. This step-by-step description allows others to replicate this work and provides an additional tool to assist them in their own clinical practice and development of designs.


anthropometry, breast volume, 3D scanning, computer-aided anthropometry, breast measurement


Full paper: A12.082.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBST A2012, 17-18 Apr. 2012, Tokyo, Japan
Pages: 82-90

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