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R. Kutnick, "The Ubiquity of Scanning Technologies", in Proc. of 1st Asian Workshop on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Tokyo, Japan, 2012, pp. 19-20.


The Ubiquity of Scanning Technologies



Me-Ality, Unique Solutions Ltd., Dartmouth (NS), Canada


Making scanning ubiquitous for measurement purposes
Mm (radio) wave scanning; technology that can scan through clothes
- Xradiation
- Ionizing
The importance of making scanning easy and accessible
- Scanning has to be available and the benefits have to be easily perceived by the population
- Timing - must be easy and accessible so people are willing to do it
- Size matching services transitioning into a variety of other services that can use scanned body measurements
Undressing to scan is an imperative barrier to universal acceptance
- Having to undress to undergarments or wear close fitting lycraTM suits to get scans can affect self esteem creating a natural societal barrier against scanning
- Too easy to say "just DON'T do it"
- There is, however, still a space for laser based or image based technologies within a private or home environment
Scanning acceptance by society creates a wealth of information for all
- Allows for data segmentation (across geographical boundaries, etc.)
- With this data comes convenience because of the feedback between the brands, customers, etc
- Drives a model that provides for better fitting clothes through an iterative process.
- Manufacturers make clothes to a fit model and limited feedback is available to tell them how well they did
- This is the evolution of clothing.
- Over time, clothing CAN evolve in this way
Not just about apparel, examine the same information differently and you have the ability to create positive change in other areas
- Ergonomic fit
- Health and wellness
Society wants it now, they want products to meet their needs, and although this could be perceived as selfish it's not wrong
- Selfishness is the new imperative
- Human beings are thinking about the world as it relates to them
  - I want my car to fit me, I don\u2019t want to adapt me to fit my car
  - I want it to be easy to find
Measurement ubiquity
- We want to go online and shop and in order for that to work, the barrier of size needs to be removed
- As you have it, those measurements will be used across product lines and be transitional
The hidden value of scanning for measurements
- This isn't just a tailor taking a waist measure - we have the entire body captured
- The measurements are there for the taking when needed
- You can recall this person at any point in time by simply loading their scan
- You can create a tracking mechanism to build a profile of where a person is or has been in time
Making body measurement easy, accessible and affordable allows for the global capture of a worldwide body of data for a variety of extremely useful purposes.


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