3DBODY.TECH 2023 - Paper 23.21

F. Kunzelmann et al., "Investigation of the Interaction between Protective Clothing and Body During Motion Actions with Integrated Multisensory Scanning System 4Dsense", Proc. of 3DBODY.TECH 2023 - 14th Int. Conf. and Exh. on 3D Body Scanning and Processing Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 17-18 Oct. 2023, #21, https://doi.org/10.15221/23.21.


Investigation of the Interaction between Protective Clothing and Body During Motion Actions with Integrated Multisensory Scanning System 4Dsense


Felix KUNZELMANN 1, Yordan KYOSEV 1, Natalija SADRETDINOVA 1,2

1 Technische Universitaet Dresden, Chair of Development and Assembly of Textile Products, Dresden, Germany;
2 Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Kyiv, Ukraine


In times of societal change toward an environmentally conscious and sustainable community, bicycles are increasingly becoming the key to personal transportation. Bicycling and other high-speed sports such as soccer, field hockey, and volleyball often result in abrasions. These occur through the dual mechanisms of friction and shear forces. To avoid this, protective elements are usually integrated into the sportswear at the joints. However, since the joints are always the point of maximum garment displacement, accurate placement of the protective elements is an important prerequisite for the protective effect. The objective of this work is to investigate the extent to which relative displacement occurs between the joint and the protective element during typical application movements.
For achieving this objective, different types of sensor techniques must be applied simultaneously. The complete system, named 4Dsense was build on the basis of the Move4D scanner (produced by IBV) for photogrammetric scanning, which was integrated with the electromagnetic VIPER System of company Polhemus for direct absolute position tracking and with pressure measurement system TexSens-G. 4DSense provides information about the motion of the clothing or the human surface, the coordinates of several points under the surface and the pressure between the clothing and human body on selected positions. The first results of the application of this multi-sensory system 4DSense for the investigation of protective clothing shows that the combination is very promising and provides information with additional dimensions and quality, which will help the clothing developers to provide protective clothing with improved wearing comfort during motion.


4d body scanning, 4Dsense, dynamic fit, protective clothing, relative movement


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Proceedings: 3DBODY.TECH 2023, 17-18 Oct. 2023, Lugano, Switzerland
Paper id#: 21
DOI: 10.15221/23.21

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