3DBODY.TECH 2023 - Paper 23.07

S.C. Hauser et al., "Improvements in Mobile 3D Body Scanning and Body Measurements", Proc. of 3DBODY.TECH 2023 - 14th Int. Conf. and Exh. on 3D Body Scanning and Processing Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 17-18 Oct. 2023, #07, https://doi.org/10.15221/23.07.


Improvements in Mobile 3D Body Scanning and Body Measurements


Steven C. HAUSER, Matthew S. GILMER, David BRUNER

Size Stream LLC, Cary NC, USA


As mobile 3D body scanning continues to provide cutting edge solutions in creating made-to-measure garments and tracking body health and fitness, Size Stream has continued to refine its technology to deliver a smooth, user-friendly scanning experience and high-quality measurements. In this presentation, we present information about our latest mobile scanning solutions with new technologies leveraging the human silhouette boundary by using machine learning and computer vision techniques. We will provide quantitative analyses of the measurement quality of our latest scanning solutions, comparing them to our previous mobile solutions and larger booth-sized body scanners. Our analyses show that our new solutions provide faster and more accurate measurements of key body areas, including the waist, stomach, and collar, which are essential for the creation of custom-fit garments. Measurement performance is consistent across a wide range of body types and sizes, and body shape is more accurately represented in the 3D avatar. The result is a highly accurate and efficient method for capturing body measurements that can be used for a variety of applications in the fashion and apparel industry, including virtual try-on and sizing recommendations, as well as Size Stream's own made-to-measure garment construction.


3D body scanning, machine learning, mobile scanning, apparel


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Proceedings: 3DBODY.TECH 2023, 17-18 Oct. 2023, Lugano, Switzerland
Paper id#: 07
DOI: 10.15221/23.07

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