3DBODY.TECH 2022 - Paper 22.32

T. Koe, "Custom-Fitted Apparel at Scale: Challenges & Solutions", Proc. of 3DBODY.TECH 2022 - 13th Int. Conf. and Exh. on 3D Body Scanning and Processing Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 25-26 Oct. 2022, #32.


Custom-Fitted Apparel at Scale: Challenges & Solutions


Taime KOE

Six Atomic, Singapore


Examine major challenges in making custom-fitted fashion scalable, from the reusability of inventory, to production line configurability, and addressing customers' fit preferences. Explore the latest technologies to solve them.


Abstract: 2232koe-abs.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBODY.TECH 2022, 25-26 Oct. 2022, Lugano, Switzerland
Paper id#: 32
Presentation video: 3DBodyTech2022_32_koe.mp4

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