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M. Lashgari and U. Gruen, "Size Recommendations and their Opportunities for the Workwear Sector", Proc. of 3DBODY.TECH 2022 - 13th Int. Conf. and Exh. on 3D Body Scanning and Processing Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 25-26 Oct. 2022, #08.


Size Recommendations and their Opportunities for the Workwear Sector



Avalution GmbH, Kaiserslautern, Germany


Avalution is specialized in scanning, measuring, analyzing, and digitizing real people. Based on the huge database of 3D data and body measurements from almost all over the world, Avalution offers solutions around 3D body scanning, avatars, size recommendations and size chart optimization for customers from the automotive and the fashion & apparel market, but also for consumer electronics, leisure & sports and healthcare & medical applications.
Suppliers in the workwear sector currently face many challenges. Sector diversity, a large number of different products with different materials, different suppliers and thus different sizing systems require a lot of time and specialized staff, but is also a necessity for providing the right sizes for their products to the actual wearer.
So far, a sales representative of the workwear company drives, with clothes in the trunk of his car, to a fitting process on site. However, the bigger the customer, the more it comes down to a size query based on the wearer's wearing habits and thus to ordering and delivery based on size assumptions. This in turn can lead to increased returns and re-ordering of other sizes. All in all, this is associated with further efforts and costs and often leads to customer frustration.
Today, the time-consuming travel of sales representatives can be dispensed with. Before any size recommendation is made, body measurements must be taken by a scanner, either the AVAone or the virtual scanner.
The 3D body scanner AVAone uses the measuring principle of depth sensor technology. It provides 50 body measurements that can be used within the size recommendation. The Virtual Scanner is a user-friendly software tool with the only need of an internet connection and a computer. The Avalution database with 3D measurements from representative size surveys is used to calculate the statistical avatar. This solution also eliminates the need for the wearer to undress down to their underwear. The virtual scanner stands out due to its simple handling. The user is guided successively through a few questions on gender, body height, weight, age and body shapes. Based on this information an associated avatar and body measurements are determined.
The size recommendation is based on the previously mentioned body measurements and the size tables of the individual products with body measurements and/or garment measurements and ease information. Product and brand relevant measurements are taken into account.
Experience shows that products with many size runs or individual wearing behavior influences the process of the first size recommendation. In addition, the product information often does not correspond to the actual behavior of the garment. Based on years of experience, the size recommendations are continuously optimized in the ongoing process. Our customizable platform offers an infrastructure for uploading product data and setting up web service size recommendation with flexible connection to body scanner and virtual scanner.
It has been proven in different customer projects that the technically supported size recommendation leads to significant process simplifications and savings and is especially able to provide the best fitting sizes for the individual wearers. The frontend (scanner or virtual scanner) may be selected with respect to the number of wearers at one location, so that the workwear company has the greatest flexibility.


virtual scanner, workwear, size recommendation, process simplifications, cost savings


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Proceedings: 3DBODY.TECH 2022, 25-26 Oct. 2022, Lugano, Switzerland
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