3DBODY.TECH 2021 - Paper 21.14

K. Hatch et al., "Analysis of Dimensional Changes in the Lower Limbs During Movement for Sizing and Fit Development", Proc. of 3DBODY.TECH 2021 - 12th Int. Conf. and Exh. on 3D Body Scanning and Processing Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 19-20 Oct. 2021, #14, https://doi.org/10.15221/21.14.


Analysis of Dimensional Changes in the Lower Limbs During Movement for Sizing and Fit Development


Kasey HATCH 1, Anke KLEPSER 2, Kristina BRUBACHER 1, Simeon GILL 1, Anura FERNANDO 1

1 University of Manchester, Manchester, UK;
2 Hohenstein Laboratories, Bönnigheim, Germany


The aim of this research is to improve sizing and fit of compression sports leggings for an athletic female population. Using 3D and 4D body scan technology, it is possible to understand how the body's dimensions change during movement, which can provide information to enhance the fit of compression garments, that are commonly worn for physical activity. The Hohenstein Institut collaborated with this research and conducted body scanning using their Vitus Smart Laser scanner and Little Alice 4D scanner. Six German amateur football players were recruited and scanned in two static postures and two corresponding dynamic postures. Dimensional changes around key measurements for pattern creation were analysed and compared. It was hypothesised that lower body dimensions would change substantially from the standard scan posture to the functional postures, and results would present a difference between the static functional postures and the dynamic posture.


Body scanning, fit, compression, movement


Full paper: 2114hatch.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBODY.TECH 2021, 19-20 Oct. 2021, Lugano, Switzerland
Paper id#: 14
DOI: 10.15221/21.14
Presentation video: 3DBodyTech2021_14_Hatch.mp4

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