Paper 14.315

Lj. Efremovska et al., "Analysis of Body Mass Components in Young Basketball Players", in Proc. of 5th Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2014, pp. 315-320,


Analysis of Body Mass Components in Young Basketball Players


Lj. Efremovska 1, S. Nikolic 1, V. Maleska-Ivanovska 1, J. Pluncevic-Gligorovska 1, L. Todorovska 1, I. Karagjozova 1, E. Ivanovska 2

1 Dept. of Physiology, Medical faculty, Skopje, R. Macedonia;
2 PZU Promedica, Medical Prima, Skopje, R. Macedonia


Introduction: The aims of the study were to present the body composition of young male basketball players and tp show the differences in respected age groups.
Matherial and methods: This study included a total of 96 male basketball players, divided into four groups according to the age: group under 12 ( 9.79±1.19), under 14 (13.15 ±0.9), group under 16 (16.08 ±0.5) and group under 18 (17.17±0.4). In different age groups were monitored some body mass components using the Mateigk's methods.
Results: The estimation of three body mass components - the muscular component (MC%), the bone component (BC%) and the body fat (BF%) showed that in first group body mass of young athlets has an average value for MC=49.49 ±4.79%; BC =20.36±2.18% and BF=16.74±2.74%. Second group has MC=50.21 ±2.82%; BC =19.75±2.19% and BF=15.86±3.17%. Third group has an average values for MC=52.61 ±2.67%; BC =18.43±1.18% and BF=15.00±1.58%. The fourth group received the following mean values for body mass components MC=53.00 ±1.87%; BC =19.52±0.78% and BF=14.48±1.05%. We observet significant differences in body composition parameters of young basketball players.
Conclusion: Comparison between age groups showed that BF% was lower in group under 18 vs. Group under 14 and 16, and under 12. The acquired data could be used as standard values for Macedonian young basketball players and other athlets.


Full paper: 14.315.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBST 2014, 21-22 Oct. 2014, Lugano, Switzerland
Pages: 315-320
DOI: 10.15221/14.315

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