Paper 14.225

U. Pavlovcic et al., "Measurement of Head-to-Trunk Orientation Using Handheld 3D Optical Apparatus", in Proc. of 5th Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2014, pp. 225-230,


Measurement of Head-to-Trunk Orientation Using Handheld 3D Optical Apparatus


Urban Pavlovcic, Janez Diaci, Janez Mozina, Matija Jezersek

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The system for head-to-trunk orientation is presented. It is based on the 3D measuring of the upper trunk and head of the measured person and registration of the partial head and trunk surfaces to the reference position. The rotations of the head and trunk, necessary for the registration, are monitored. By the subtraction of the head rotation with trunk rotation, we get the orientation of the head with the respect to the trunk. It is insensitive to the movement or rotation of the 3D measuring system or measured person as a whole.
The accuracies of the method and proposed measuring system were verified in-vitro and in-vivo. For the in-vitro verification the mannequin with a movable head was used, to which the reference orientation tracker was attached. The shape of the surface of the mannequin with handheld 3D apparatus (HA, accuracy 1.5 mm) and 3D laser scanner (LS, accuracy 0.3 mm), which is inappropriate for in-vivo measuring, were measured simultaneously. To calculate the orientation of the head the proposed method was used in both cases. Analysis of the acquired angles showed that precision in the case of OT and LS is 0.3º, while in the case of HA the precision was 2º. In the case of in-vivo verification, the precision of the system was 3º.


Full paper: 14.225.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBST 2014, 21-22 Oct. 2014, Lugano, Switzerland
Pages: 225-230
DOI: 10.15221/14.225

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