Paper 13.285

D. A. Gilbert, D. B. Stefan., "Breast Augmentation Virtual Surgery using 3D Body Scanning - Bridging the Gap between Patient Expectations and Surgical Practicalities", in Proc. of 4th Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Long Beach CA, USA, 2013, pp. 285-300,


Breast Augmentation Virtual Surgery Using 3D Body Scanning Bridging the Gap between Patient Expectations and Surgical Practicalities


David A. GILBERT 1, David B. STEFAN 2

1 The Hague Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center, Norfolk, Virginia, USA;
2 Novaptus Systems Inc., Chesapeake, Virginia, USA


Breast augmentation is an example of cosmetic surgery. The patient has a preconceived idea of what her ideal bust size would like to be. Typically, the images in her mind are derived from magazines, television shows and perhaps friends who have had the surgical procedure. She generally thinks of bust cup sizes. The surgeon, on the other hand, thinks of bust volumes in terms of cc's and implant sizes. This dislocation between the surgeon and the patient often leads to dissatisfaction of surgical results, mainly due to a lack of a common language. A technique in use today bridges patient expectations with surgical outcomes.


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Proceedings: 3DBST 2013, 19-20 Nov. 2013, Long Beach California, USA
Pages: 285-300

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