Paper 13.166

S. Ressler and K. Leber, "Web Based 3D Visualization and Interaction for Whole Body Laser Scans", in Proc. of 4th Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Long Beach CA, USA, 2013, pp. 166-172,


Web Based 3D Visualization and Interaction for Whole Body Laser Scans



National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA


A web based system that allows the user to select, sort, and measure 3D bodies using displays inside of ordinary web browsers without the use of 3D plug-ins is presented. Our system, AnthroWeb3DMeasure (AW3DM), allows the user to visually explore a set of 3D laser scanned bodies. The bodies we use come from the CAESAR data set, however nothing inherently limits applicability of these techniques to this specific data set.
The user is presented with a set of controls, the 3D view of the body, and a tabular view of demographic data associated with each body. We use X3DOM as the basis for the 3D body visualizations. X3DOM is a "declarative 3D" language that enables us to place the graphical elements of the body directly into the DOM (Document Object Model) of the web page itself. This has significant implications for the extensibility and practical usefulness of the system as it is not dependent on arcane plugins and is interoperable among all modern web browsers.


Anthropometry, Web3D, X3D, WebGL, web browser, visualization


Full paper: 13.166.pdf
Proceedings: 3DBST 2013, 19-20 Nov. 2013, Long Beach California, USA
Pages: 166-172

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