Paper 12.057

F. Baytar et al., "3D Body Scanning for Examining Active Body Positions: A Pilot Study of Re-Designing Scrubs", in Proc. of 3rd Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2012, pp. 57-63,


3D Body Scanning for Examining Active Body Positions: An Exploratory Study for Re-Designing Scrubs


Fatma BAYTAR, Jody AULTMAN, Jinhee HAN

Iowa State University, Ames (IA), USA


In this pilot study, we used 3D body scans to investigate range-of-motion issues associated with one of the most frequently used scrub top and bottom design. By conducting a focus group interview, we investigated problems and inconveniences occurred when wearing scrubs. Based on the focus group interview data, five active positions were determined. One participant was scanned with a [TC]2 NX-16 3D whole body scanner to capture anthropometric standing and active body positions. The 3D body scanner was used as a visual tool for identifying and examining fit of a set of scrubs when mimicking active postures. The findings of this study showed that the white light based 3D body scanner can be used as a fit evaluation tool when used with a powerful visualization software to process scan data. Visual fit analyses showed that the areas such as back, shoulder, underarm, crotch and knees should be redesigned to improve the movement capacity in the scrubs.


3D body scanning, protective clothing design, scrubs, active body positions


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Proceedings: 3DBST 2012, 16-17 Oct. 2012, Lugano, Switzerland
Pages: 57-63

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