Paper 12.051

A. Psikuta et al., "Use of 3D Body Scanning Technique for Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling in Clothing", in Proc. of 3rd Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2012, pp. 51-56,


Use of 3D Body Scanning Technique for Heat and Mass Transfer Modelling in Clothing



1 Laboratory for Protection and Physiology, Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, St. Gallen, Switzerland;
2 Laboratory of Physics and Mechanics of Textiles (EAC 7189 CNRS/UHA), University of Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France


The heat and mass transfer within the clothing system is dependent on the changing size and shape of the layers of air trapped within and on the surface of clothing. Until now, air layers in clothing were investigated only either at a discrete number of points or as the total air volume in an ensemble. However, none of the devised methods allowed the systematic, accurate and detailed evaluation of the air gap thickness nor did they address the issue of contact area in ensembles. This study extends development of the method by detailed evaluation of its reliability with regards to the scanner type, its accuracy, and scanning procedure.


air gap, clothing contact area, 3D body scanning, heat and mass transfer in clothing


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Proceedings: 3DBST 2012, 16-17 Oct. 2012, Lugano, Switzerland
Pages: 51-56

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