Paper 10.404

I. Dabolina et al., "Anthropometrical Measurements for Three-Dimensional Clothing Design", in Proc. of 1st Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2010, pp. 404-410,


Anthropometrical Measurements for Three-Dimensional Clothing Design



Institute of Textile Materials Technology and Design, Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia


Anthropometrical data can be acquired with different tools. Traditional methods use different manual tools (measuring tape, anthropometer, a.o.). as the technologies develop, new tools are created and/or the existent ones are improved. The scanning systems for human body measure acquisition uses different data acquisition methods. A human body surface reproduction dot cloud is created from the coordinate readings, which can be used as a virtual mannequin or only the coordinates themselves can be used. A virtual reproduction of the human body can be used in garment production, car production, engineering and medicine.
There is still not enough research and results as to use virtual mannequins for 3D garment designing. Mostly 3D scanning results are used to generate measures used in tailoring to use them in traditional or computer aided constructing methods. The surface of the human body is an object that cannot be laid out due to the vagueness of its surface and different variations. The human body consists of many different geometrical figures, it is a complicated shape and its laying out is a complicated process.
The designing of clothes includes a row of processes and one of the most time and labour consuming is constructing. A construction displays the layout of the surface of the body (garment). At present the existent garment construction ways do not provide a possibility of creating a garment without fitting, besides the plane-like projection process of a spatial object demands high level skill, imagination and creativity from the constructor.
An algorithm for the development of the geometric shape of a virtual mannequin has been worked out.


3D body scanning, spatial mannequin, clothing design, anthropometrical measurements


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Proceedings: 3DBST 2010, 19-20 Oct. 2010, Lugano, Switzerland
Pages: 404-410

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