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T. Kolsek et al., "Recommendation System for Sizing of Children's Footwear", in Proc. of 1st Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2010, pp. 126-131,


Recommendation System for Sizing of Children's Footwear



UCS d.o.o., Vrhnika, Slovenia


Accurate footwear size is very important for healthy development of children's feet. Many foot problems are caused by wearing too small shoes as a child. Parents usually experience problems selecting the accurate size of shoes for their children, who cannot report their feelings precisely. Primitive methods for detecting the accurate size of footwear are used, like pressing on the toe box or putting a finger behind the children's heel when trying shoes. Parents don't take into account children's feet growth when buying shoes at the beginning of the season, therefore shoes are usually too small at the end of the season.
A recommendation system for sizing of children's footwear was tested with 83 parents and their children. Children's current shoes were scanned with UCS SID (Shoe Inner Dimensions) 3D shoe scanner. Parents were asked to estimate the expiration date of current child's shoes (for how many months child's current shoes will still be large enough). Children's feet were scanned with UCS SC3 foot scanner. Parents were presented a 3D visual comparison of child's foot scan and shoe scan, where child's foot was overlaid by shoe scan to show exact position of child's toes in the shoe. Child's foot scan was gradually enlarged by estimated foot growth rate to visually simulate position of child's toes in the shoe in the following months. The recommendation system suggested expiration date for the child's shoes. After this procedure parents were asked again to estimate the expiration date of child's shoes.
Majority of parents shortened the expiration date of child's shoes after the 3D visual comparison and simulation of child's foot growth. In many cases before the 3D visual comparison parents thought that current shoes were large enough, but after the procedure they realized that the shoes were too small. Majority of expiration dates reported by parents after the 3D visual comparison were equal to suggested expiration dates of the recommendation system.
Result show that such a recommendation system with 3D comparison of child's feet and new shoes would help parents selecting the accurate size. Such a system would decrease number of Children wearing too small shoes.


3D foot measurements, 3D shoe measurement, children's footwear, recommendation system


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Proceedings: 3DBST 2010, 19-20 Oct. 2010, Lugano, Switzerland
Pages: 126-131

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