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N. D'Apuzzo, "Introduction", in Proc. of 1st Int. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Lugano, Switzerland, 2010, p. 9.





Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo, Zurich, Switzerland


The International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies was held on October 19 to 20 2010 in the convention center of Lugano, Switzerland. This conference was organized by Hometrica Consulting - Dr. Nicola D'Apuzzo, Switzerland.
This conference aims to fill an existing gap and fulfill the demand for an international conference focused on the specific fields of 3D human body scanning and 3D human body measurement.
In the last two decades, 3D scanning technologies developed in other industrial sectors were successfully applied to the measurement and scanning of the human body. Methods and techniques are continuously ameliorated, more efficient and performing scanning systems are produced every year and new software tools are developed unceasingly.
The international conference on 3D body scanning technologies serves as a platform for the information on the latest developments and interesting applications in various sectors, as well as, for building relationships and exchanging ideas between manufacturers, users, developers and researchers from around the world.
The contents of the presented works at the conference are related, but not limited to, the following technical areas:
- Active 3D body scanning technologies (laser scanning, white-light scanning)
- Passive scanning methods (photogrammetry, visual-hull)
- Portable and hand-held scanning devices
- Body scanning systems for the apparel and fashion sector
- Applications in medical sciences (forensics, plastic surgery, dentistry)
- Custom footwear and orthopedics
- Anthropometric studies , measurement campaigns, fitting mannequins
- Biometrics and applications in security
- Applications in sport, health and fitness
- Human body modeling, animation and simulation
- Virtual life, games and entertainment
- 3D body scanning for arts and sculpture
These proceedings gather the papers presented during the conference by renowned experts in the field of 3D body scanning. The technical papers are organized in theme sessions.


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